Quick Way to Get Fired: Congratulate Miami Heat on Winning Championship

Miami Heat In order to save face and a job, they're probably blaming it on computer failure, but some human at The Miami Herald should have noticed that the wrong Macy's ad was running: This one congratulated the Miami Heat on their NBA championship and promoted congratulatory T-shirts and hats for sale at the local Macy's stores -- the morning after the Heat lost the championship to the Dallas Mavericks.

It would have been tough to miss -- the ad was huge -- almost a full page. At least the paper's sports page got it right. Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Jeff Schultz speculates that perhaps the ad department was assuming that LeBron James was already starting to make good on his promise to win Miami "eight championships" when he was signed, with much hoopla, last year.

The mistake is especially embarrassing since, even if the Heat had won the Sunday night game, the team still would have had to win one more to clinch the championship. Miami went into the game with two wins to the Dallas' three. Only the Mavericks would have been able to clinch the championship Sunday.

In addition, the ad ran under a banner headline that read, "DALLAS WINS BEST OF 7 SERIES 4-2." The Herald's ad department is apparently running an investigation to find out who exactly is responsible and how the ad got there. Something tells us heads are going to roll.

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