Pooping Postman Finally Gets Relief

That's a relief -- at least for the loose-boweled postman who just couldn't wait until he got to a bathroom, dropped trou and answered the call of nature in a Portland resident's yard. It seems he'd been on probation since the incident occurred, and has just been informed that he gets to keep his job.

About a month ago, a neighbor, Don Derfler, noticed the postal worker acting strangely, and decided to keep an eye on him, discreetly snapping a few photos. Derfler caught the carrier defecating, and sent the photos to authorities.

"We trust people like the Postal Service and meter readers and people of that nature," Derfler told a reporter from KATU in Portland. "To come on to our property and to defecate -- it's just wrong."

The postal worker had been on unpaid probation ever since.

After conducting a thorough investigation of the situation, the Postal Service announced it will allow the offending employee to keep his job, but they're putting him on a different route. Neither the postman's identity, nor his new route, have been released.

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