Is This the Most Expensive Rental Ever?

most expensive rental
most expensive rental

Leave it to London. Just six months after telling you about the world's most expensive apartment for sale, we bring you news of what may be the most expensive rental, also in that city: a penthouse in the toniest part of town that's letting for the equivalent of $65,000 a week.

The 10,000-square-foot penthouse flat is located in the absurdly posh Wellington Court in Knightsbridge. Just down the block, interested looky-loos will find One Hyde Park, in which Britain's most expensive apartment just sold for £136 million, or approximately $222 million, according to The Daily Mail.

The six-bedroom loft includes a "Beetlejuice"-esque 14-person dining room, five entertaining rooms, two kitchens, a hydrotherapy spa room, six outdoor spaces, and a gym furnished with wall-to-wall red crocodile-leather flooring.

Listing agents said that the fulsome interior was designed with "Russian or Middle Eastern" investors in mind. Because nothing, we suppose, says cosmopolitan jet-setting like going a few rounds with a crocodile-upholstered punching bag.