FrontierVille Bug Report: The Case of the Disappearing Animals


While some bugs and glitches in FrontierVille can actually be large enough to negatively impact the way we play the game, we've discovered another bug that's just downright head-scratching. When logging into my Homestead, I scanned to my livestock area only to find a large empty space in the middle of my injured and mystery animals. My Spring Bears had completely disappeared from my land!

I hadn't sold the Bears, and I hadn't moved them to another area on my Homestead; they had simply vanished, without a trace. Thinking that a simple refresh of the game might fix matters, I was left to discover that while my Spring Bears had returned, my entire collection of Lynxes had now disappeared instead! Refreshing the game a second time seemed to fix matters, but only temporarily, as I've continued to discover missing patches of animals when logging in at different times over the past few hours. I suppose the fact that refreshing often makes them reappear makes this a bug that we really shouldn't worry about, but it is something to keep in mind all the same. Don't panic and start buying additional Cows, Goats, Mules and the like, if they start "disappearing" as well - save those coins for something else.

If this bug becomes any more widespread, or looks to cause some actual damage to our games, we'll make sure to update this space.

In the meantime, let us know if you've suffered from any similar glitches or bugs in the comments. Have your animals disappeared and reappeared for no reason?