FrontierVille: Bear Collection no longer offers Animal Ready Boosts


Update: This seems to have been reversed, as the Bear Collection once again reads "One Animal Ready Boost." Thanks Zynga.

For months now, FrontierVille players have been stockpiling items from the Bear Collection so that they could turn that collection in time and time again for Animal Ready Boosts. These Boosts would then work to make every animal (not in a storage building) ready to be fed again, thus greatly speeding up the process of raising a baby animal to adulthood without having to wait the technically required amount of time for them to become hungry on their own.

Imagine our frustration then, and even downright shock, when discovering that Zynga had changed the rewards of the Bear Collection from this very, very useful Boost to something far more disappointing: One Clothing and two Cow Ready Boosts. That's right - regardless of how many Bear items you've saved, or how many Stuffed Bears you have on your land to spawn collectibles, the entire collection is now rendered basically useless. I hope you had been keeping up on trading in your Bear Collection as soon as you completed it, as you're now left with the option of purchasing just single animal Boosts from the General Store for Horseshoes.

Just like that, we've lost this great system of animal growth, but perhaps with enough public outcry, the FrontierVille team will see the error in their ways and change things back. We can only hope so.

What do you think of this change? Did you already have a stockpile of Animal Ready Boosts, or are you now left with none because you forgot to trade in your Bear Collection in time? Let us know in the comments.