FarmVille Mystery Game (06/12/11): Cutest Animals available at a high price


Sometimes, our skills of prediction are frightening. With tonight's Mystery Game update in FarmVille, it turns out that we pegged all six items that would be released in the game early. The only thing we didn't know at the time would be the Mystery Game's price, but that can now be laid to rest. This week's Mystery Game is entitled "Cutest Animals," and it costs 20 Farm Cash per dart to play.

For that price, you'll have a chance of scoring one of these six animals:

Guinea Pig
Koala Bar
Marmoset (sitting in a tree)
Miniature Goat
Prairie Dog

As usual, the animal that you'll receive will be random, and you'll only have a period of seven days to try to earn them all. If you're an animal collector, there are some unique and exotic animals to get your virtual hands on here, so don't delay if you have any Farm Cash that's burning a hole in your proverbial pocket.

Which of these animals would you most like to win from this week's Mystery Game? Have you already played? What did you receive? Sound off in the comments.