FarmVille Birthday Trees: Giant Cotton Candy, Giant Snowcone and Ice Cream Trees


I have to admit something - this newest Birthday theme in FarmVille, celebrating the game's second birthday, might just make me completely exhaust my stockpile of Farm Cash. This is even more true now that tonight's FarmVille update has seen the release of four new trees in the Birthday theme. Sure, two of these trees are simply giant versions of those trees already released in the game - the Giant Cotton Candy and Giant Snowcone Trees which cost 5 and 10 Farm Cash, respectively), but I can definitely see the appeal here.

To top things off, we see the release of the Icecream Tree pair. Yes, "icecream" is spelled as one word in the game, so feel free to do a double take at the spelling (I know I did). Whether you're a stickler for grammar and spelling or just a fan who likes to play the game, you can pick up the Icecream Tree for 7 Farm Cash and the Giant Icecream Tree for 12 Farm Cash. It's unfortunate that these trees take on the higher or the two price points for limited edition trees, but from a business standpoint this is incredibly smart of Zynga to do, as they're sure to be huge money-makers.

Either way, you've got the next two weeks to celebrate FarmVille's second birthday by purchasing these items from the store, so start saving up your extra Farm Cash now to afford the things that you want.

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What do you think of these four trees released this evening? Are you fine with the previously released Cotton Candy and Snowcone trees, or must you have these Giant versions as well? Let us know in the comments.