FarmVille Birthday Decorations: Balloon House, Animal Balloon and more


Like clockwork, some of the items we predicted would launch in FarmVille this weekend have. These items come in the form of four new decorations, including one building. The new building is the Balloon House. As I've said before, this building reminds me of the home from Up!, so if you like Disney or Pixar (or just that movie in general), you can add these inspired building to your farm for the high price of 25 Farm Cash.

If that's too steep for your wallet, you can also spend Farm Cash on an Animal Balloon - 7 Farm Cash, to be exact. But wait! This Animal Balloon was actually released last year (for the same price) during FarmVille's first birthday celebration, so make sure to check your storage and all of the far corners of your farm to make sure you don't already have one. For the new decorative items, you can pick up either a Balloon Gnome or a Balloon Sheep, which have these items floating in mid-air via the help of a bunch of balloons. They may not be the most elaborate of items, but they're humorous all the same.

These new decorative items, along with the Balloon House, will only be available in the game for the next two weeks. Sure, we may see them re-released during another event, but why wait until then when you can buy them now?

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What do you think of these new Birthday-themed decorations? Did you already have an Animal Balloon on your farm, or are you just picking one up now? Let us know in the comments.