FarmVille Birthday Animals: Candycane Ram, Candycane Boar and Clown Pony


To continue celebrating FarmVille's second birthday on Facebook, Zynga has launched a set of three new animals to the game's store, two of which will be particularly interesting to pig and sheep breeders. For those looking to add a striped pattern to their catalogs, you can pick up either the Candycane Ram for 30 Farm Cash or the Candycane Boar for 25 Farm Cash. It's interesting that the Boar costs less than the Sheep, but I suppose that's just to encourage more users to take part in the new Pig Breeding level system by making it cheaper.

Even if you're not a Pig or Sheep breeder, there's still something in tonight's update for you, as a new Horse is now available. The Clown Pony costs 24 Farm Cash, and this cute white Pony is all dolled up as a clown with a wig, red bow tie and nose. If that's not cute enough for you, keep in mind that you can breed the Clown Pony to receive a Clown Pony Foal that can be shared with your friends. How cute would that little fella be? I can hardly stand the thought!

Regardless of which animal (if any) you choose to purchase, you'll need to open that virtual (or even real world) pocketbook within the next two weeks, before these animals expire from the store.

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What do you think of these three animals? Will you purchase either the Boar or Ram just to add the striped pattern to your Sheep Breeding catalog? Let us know in the comments.