E3 2011: Playfish hee-haws in 'Risk: Factions' debut trailer


Last week at E3, Playfish debuted a trailer of their latest Facebook title, Risk: Factions, a game that looks to be setting itself up as competition to Zynga's latest hit, Empires & Allies. But unlike E&A, which borrows heavily from another Zynga game, CityVille, Playfish's game is spun off of a platform game by its parent company, Electronic Arts. And also unlike E&A, Playfish is definitely after a different demographic than Zynga.

So while a carrot-chomping donkey with 'Bad Ass' tattooed on its rear doesn't exactly scream 'grizzlied, battle-hardened space Marine', if you're a fan of the critically acclaimed StarCraft II (made by Blizzard, the same folks who created 'World of Warcraft'), then Playfish has you in on the joke.

Even if the Playfish spoof is pretty funny as a standalone sequence, if you want to fully appreciate the silliness, I recommending seeing the original StarCraft II trailer here.