Destin-Nation Singapore: The Ultimate Foodie Nation?

Courtesy Leslie Tay

While Singapore may be widely known for its stringent laws, it has also long been revered for its cuisine - so much so, in fact, that a common greeting in the country is, "Have you eaten yet?"

Singaporean food incorporates a vast range of ethnic foods from different areas, including China, the Malay Peninsula, and India, and offers these options at any equally broad scale of prices.

"We can eat well here for SNG$2 or SNG$2000," said Leslie Tay of, who penned The End of Char Kway Teow, a guide to Singapore's hawker food.

We had Tay and Jeff Selamatu, a Singapore native, make their play for why Singapore is a foodie nation. Quite simply - "Singaporeans complain all the time," Selamatu told AOL Travel. "So if the food's bad somewhere, we'll talk about it. All the time. And we'll tell people. All the time. So only the best places survive."

Getting there, though it may not be the cheapest - flights round out at about US$1200 - will be a pleasant trip if flying with Singapore's national airline, Singapore Air, widely believed to offer a (comparatively) luxurious experience.

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