Create your own levels and play your friends' in 'MyLevel'


MyLevel controls
MyLevel controls

If you've loved retro platform games such as Super Mario Bros. or Lode Runner, then MyLevel is after you.

Created by Clinton Shepherd of Foolhardy Games with funding from Jumbuck Entertainment, MyLevel is a recently launched Facebook game that's equipped with a level editor so players can design their own game levels. Each level basically involves getting a character from point A to point B by avoiding various obstacles and pitfalls to make his or her way to the exit door -- which is essentially all the hallmark elements of a platform game.

But MyLevel becomes a social game on Facebook by allowing you the ability to play other people's level creations, for others to play yours, offers high score leaderboards to see who the best players are, and the option for taunts on Facebook walls.

So far, it's a niche title at best (presently running with under 300 players) and pretty limited in options (you can't change that annoying music), but it's always nice to see new games that try to do something different. Shepherd certainly talks a good talk, "Your average friend probably doesn't care two hoots if you just built a barn or found a cow. But if you say 'Hey, check out this level I made!' or take some time brag about how you beat your friend's latest level then you're actually communicating something of value and not just giving your friends status updates on your current progress through the game."

To play MyLevel, click here. Its official Facebook fan page can be found here.