CityVille Pigeon Invasion: Everything you need to know

CityVille Pigeon Invasion
Hey, just be happy this isn't as serious as how Hitchcock envisioned it. Pigeons have invaded CityVille, and it's up to you and your City Hall employees to put a stop to it the old-fashioned way, rampant friend requests. However, this is a timed event, so you'll only have 24 hours to get rid of those pigeons for some sweet rewards like 10 thousand Coins, 40 XP or three Zoning Permits. Luckily for you, we're experts at winged-rat removal. So, join us behind the break to find out how to put an end to these pests.

CityVille Pigeon IconBefore we get into how to get rid of these pigeons, let's iron out a few details. First, you must be Level 15 and have at least one City Hall to be eligible. These Goals can only be completed once, and if you have multiple City Halls the most recently built one or the one with the most crew will become infested. And finally, if you've had Samantha run a few City Hall positions up until this point, you'll have the option to fill those positions with real friends (which we highly recommend). Now, to out-pester those pests with some friend power.

When you collect from your City Hall, there will be a chance to see an icon with a pigeon on it hovering over your building. This, of course, means your City Hall has been invaded by pigeons. Click on the building, and a menu will appear titled "Major Pigeon Invasion." Do not click "Start Mission" until you're absolutely ready, as you only have 24 hours to complete this. (A Level 3 City Hall gets 48 hours.)

When you see the below window, it's time to ask your friends for some help. Just click the "Post Help Request" button, which will post a News Feed to that friends' wall, but also will place a pigeon icon next to your face on their Neighbor Bar. This is especially helpful if your friends have email alerts or News Feed posts turned off. Your rewards by the time the 24 or 48 hours is up will increase depending on how many friends help you out, and the number required increases with your City Hall level.

Major Pigeon Invasion


  • Prize Level 1: 10,000 Coins
  • Prize Level 2: 40 Experience
  • Prize Level 3: 3 Zoning Permits

Keep in mind that rewards stack, meaning if you make it Level 2 or 3, you will receive the rewards for the previous levels as well. Then, the waiting game begins, but you can track which rewards you've already won in the Goal window before the timer runs out.

CityVille Pigeon News Feed
Responding to a help request is a simple as combing your News Feed for posts from your friends (and clicking the words "Help Out") or clicking on friends' icons on the Neighbor Bar that are adorned with that pigeon icon. Then, you'll be taken to your friend's city where you'll have to click on their City Hall. Next, find your name and simply click "Help Friend." When the Goal is finally through, you can share extra rewards with every staff member that helped out.

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Forums]

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Have you seen the pigeons invade your City Hall yet? How have you fared in repelling the feathered invaders so far? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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