Cafe World Grandma's Lost Dishes: Everything you need to know


If you've ever missed out on a limited time recipe in Cafe World, you're going to love the news I have for you now. Zynga has launched a new feature in the game called "Grandma's Lost Recipes," which will allow you to unlock six dishes that you may have missed otherwise. These six dishes are the Choco-Scotch Clusters, Corn Flake Chicken, Perfect Tuna Casserole, Angel Slices, Chef's Salad and Beef Skewers.

In order to unlock these dishes, you'll need to complete a series of goals, with one goal being available for each particular recipe. Sure, these goals are rather time-consuming, but consider the alternative of never having these recipes in our cookbooks, and I'm sure you'll see the value in completing them. We'll start with the Angel Slices dish, which is earned by completing the goal of the same name.

Cook 50 Dishes
Ask for 10 Translation Books
Ask for 8 Magnifying Glasses

Notice the wording here: Just cooking 50 Dishes is incredibly easy, and can actually be fairly cost effective if you choose to "cook" a very inexpensive dish. Just set dishes to cook, delete them from your stoves, and start all over again to quickly finish this task. Meanwhile, you'll need to ask your friends to send you the Books and Magnifying Glasses. Finish this goal, and just like that you'll have access to serving Angel Slices in your Cafe.