CityVille Founder's Residence available for a limited time


Let's face it: there are tons of CityVille players who play the game as collectors, trying to have one of every building, business or home in their towns. That's a great way to play the game, if it works for you, but it's also an expensive one. Take, for instance, the newest home added to the game this weekend: The Founder's Residence, a large gold building available by scrolling almost to the very end of the build menu.

Surrounded by homes that cost over 500,000 coins sits the Founder's Residence, which blows those other buildings out of the water. Ready for it? To add one of these high population homes to your city, you'll need to fork over 70 City Cash. For that price, you'll receive a home that starts with 300 population, but can be expanded to 650 over time. You can collect 159 coins in rent every four hours. Sure, this one looks to be a relatively nice money-maker in the long run, but you'll likely have to do a bit of soul-searching to decide whether or not its worth almost $10.

Unfortunately, you have to make that decision rather quickly, as the Founder's Residence will only be available in the game's store for a limited time - a week, to be exact. If you do pull the proverbial trigger and add this one to your town, you'll definitely have something to brag about, but I wouldn't take this expensive decision lightly.

What do you think of the Founder's Residence? Is any building in the game worth 70 City Cash or more? Let us know in the comments.