Bus Tour Firm Shut Down for Transporting Passengers in Luggage Compartment

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Federal transportation officials have shutdown operations of tour bus firm Haines Tours after finding six passengers riding in the luggage compartment in a bus in Ohio according to an AP report on MSNBC.

Apparently the driver told the officer that the passengers were riding with the luggage because there was no more room on the bus.

This is not the first time Haines has been warned about having people in the luggage compartment. Stated In the order issued to cease operations, "Despite being warned in August, 2010 that it cannot transport people in the luggage compartment of its buses in violation of federal regulations, it continues to place people in the luggage compartment."

There was no mention if passengers were offered any discounts for being crammed into the luggage hold.

What is typically an uncommon occurrence in the U.S. is a daily occurrence in countries like India, where overcrowding on public transportation is a way of life.

And last week Polish contortionists Krzysztof Grzegorz and Jouoastaw K were busted for stealing from travelers after sneaking into the luggage hold of a bus by hiding in a suitcase.

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