FrontierVille: Play daily to win free Horseshoes in first birthday celebration

From now until June 15, players are being given some extra incentive to jump into FrontierVille at least once per day, as Zynga has created an opportunity to give all users a chance to win Horseshoes just for playing the game. Unfortunately, this promotion may just now be rolling out to some users, meaning that we've missed a full day of prizes due to the system simply not being available on the advertised June 10 ready date.

Still, to earn your chance at free Horseshoes, just click on the window above when it appears in your own game. From there, you'll be shown a second window detailing your prize. As one example, I clicked on the window above and received a single free Horseshoe as my prize. Sure, that's not worth very much on its own, but if you save up all of your prizes during this event, you could end up with enough to actually purchase something worthwhile. It will just be interesting to see whether those people who are just receiving this promotion are given an extra day, or if they will be stuck in the unlucky bunch.

What have you won from the free Horseshoes promotion celebrating FrontierVille's first birthday? Let us know in the comments.