FarmVille Sneak Peek: Next Mystery Game looks to offer wild animals as prizes


While nothing's official, we believe that we have discovered the contents of the upcoming Mystery Game, which will launch tomorrow evening in FarmVille. This Mystery Game looks to contain six new wild, exotic, or at least unique animals. There's a Marmoset, Prairie Dog, Guinea Pig, Koala, Miniature Goat and Meerkat here, and since they all seem to not have any other overarching theme, it would make sense that they would be Mystery Game items, and not those simply released in the store.

While there's no guarantee that this will actually be the lineup, we can make a guess as to how many Farm Cash these items would cost - roughly 16-20 Farm Cash per dart would make the most sense. We'll make sure to let you know if this is the set we eventually see in the game, so keep checking back.

Would you play a Mystery Game in FarmVille that contained these animals? Let us know which one you'd like to win in the comments.