FarmVille Sneak Peek: Birthday Chicken, Balloon House and other birthday goodies


If anything, we won't be able to say that Zynga let FarmVille's second birthday go on without event, as we've discovered more unreleased images of animals and decorations alike that have been themed to celebrate the big event. First, a new Birthday Chicken comes equipped with a great party hat, and will even lay new Party-themed (Birthday themed?) Mystery Eggs. No news yet as to what those eggs will contain.

Next, we have items like the Balloon House, which floats in the air and instantly reminds us of Pixar's Up! For some of the other items, the balloon motif keeps going, as we see a Birthday Table adorned with balloons on either end, and even a Gnome and a Sheep floating via the help of balloons as well. To round things out, it looks like we'll be able to provide the entertainment for this birthday party by dressing our avatars up as clowns. There are two clown costumes here, and neither appear to have any gender information related to them, so you'll be able to buy both either way if you so choose.

It's likely that these items will launch in FarmVille's marketplace later this weekend (perhaps as early as tomorrow evening), so keep checking back with us as we give you the pricing details and other information on how to add them all to your farm.

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What do you think of these new Birthday themed items? Will you buy a clown costume for your avatar, or are you more concerned with snatching as many of those Mystery Eggs as you can? Let us know in the comments.