Empires & Allies: Park Fountain added as free RewardVille item


As soon as Zynga's newest game Empires & Allies launched on Facebook at the beginning of this month, the developer had already released a set of RewardVille items to back it up. At the time, Empires & Allies had only one free item in the rewards program - the Small Modern House - which added 80 citizens to your town.

Now, though, a second item has been given the giveaway treatment, with this second prize being the Park Fountain. While Empires & Allies already seems to have an issue with space (or the lack thereof), if you'd like to fill your city with a bit more in terms of decorative touches, make sure to claim your free Park Fountain while you can.

To claim it, simply head over to RewardVille, login with your Facebook account (if it hasn't been done for you already) and then click on the "Get It" button underneath the item. From there, the Park Fountain will automatically be added to your in-game inventory, allowing you to place it as any other item the next time you load the game. How convenient!

Have you already run out of room in your Empires & Allies city / island? Will you claim your free Park Fountain, or does the prize simply not interest you? Let us know in the comments.

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