Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash in Hellmann's Mayonnaise Promotion


Here's something you don't see everyday - Zynga has partnered with Hellman's Mayonnaise to offer a free Farm Cash promotion for players that live in Canada. While it's great to see something not structured to the US only audience, there's actually another plus to this scenario - the link appears to be universal, whether you actually live in Canada or not. Players on the FarmVille forums have "cracked the code," if you will, and have discovered that this particular link will load the promotion for you in a new window - just make sure that you're logged into Facebook at the time!

Once the promotion loads, you'll just need to answer a couple of questions and then play a short mini-game where you try to figure out the ingredients to Hellman's Mayonnaise. Once that's done, you won't see the typical black writing in the top of the screen saying that you've earned your Farm Cash. If you'd still like some visual confirmation, however, just click on the link to load the advertisement after the promotion. When you return, you'll see the promotion's window update to confirm that you have completed the activity.

It's unknown whether Zynga will change the link so that non-Canadian players can't participate, so make sure to do so fast while you know the two Farm Cash are still available!

Were you able to successfully complete this Hellmann's Mayonaise promotion in FarmVille? Let us know in the comments.