E3 2011: Parking Wars 2 offers you a chance to write parking tickets later this month

While we've know that Parking Wars 2 for Facebook existed, little was known about how the game would actually play. Well, at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, I got to put all of that to rest, as we sat down with a completed version of this still unreleased game. In Parking Wars 2, you jump into a world inspired by the A&E television series (which in itself concerns the men and women of the Philadelphia Parking Authority).

You'll need to "monitor and maintain" your street by keeping track of each and every car parked on your street and ticketing them accordingly (certain parking spaces only allow cars of a certain color, for instance), and also by customizing it with new items. You'll be able to customize your street's backgrounds, and choose individual cars to populate it (you unlock more cars the longer you play the game). By adding businesses to your street, you'll also be able to earn more revenue, as each particular business (a car wash, burger joint, etc.) may charge drivers extra money to park in front of them, helping you out in the end.

Of course, as with most social games, you'll be able to visit your friends' streets, but can then personalize and share tickets with them on their profiles. You'll even be able to park your cars on your friends streets, either legally or illegally, and will earn monetary bonuses based on the amount of time you stay parked on their street. In terms of sabotage, you can steal your friends' earnings by activating tickets that they haven't yet written, or you can even do damage to some of their cars by going so far as to throw a virtual rock through one of their windows, negatively affecting that car's value. Speaking of value, you can increase the value of your vehicles by purchasing special bonus items like a new application of car wax, new tires and so on.

Unfortunately, Parking Wars 2 does rely on your to have active neighbors to visit, as a friend who has simply stopped playing the game will turn into a dead street. At that point (as of this writing) that entire street is now useless to you, but you can send a reminder to your Facebook friend for them to jump back into the game, which would reactivate the street for your use.

While Parking Wars 2 was originally slated for release last month, we're now told that the game will launch on Facebook sometime this month. A specific release date wasn't made clear, but you can keep an eye on the game's official fan page for more info as time passes.

What do you think of what you've heard about Parking Wars 2? Does this seem like a game you'd want to play with friends, or would you rather just watch the TV show that inspired it instead? Sound off in the comments.
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