Rovio's Angry Birds become authors with a ... cookbook about eggs?

Angry Birds Buffet
Angry Birds Buffet

Hey man, you write what you know. Rovio announced recently that it will publish its first Angry Birds book: a family cookbook filled with recipes that include eggs. According to paidContent, Rovio is self-publishing the book in print and as an app in the coming weeks. Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's Mighty Eagle and head of marketing, said at the Open Mobile Summit in London that the company has had talks with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble to distribute the book.

Rovio has gone absolutely bonkers over turning Angry Birds into the next Mickey Mouse with clothing, board games, stuffed animals, a possible film and a TV show. And most of that is because, well, the video games aren't making as much money as we think they might be, according to paidContent. (Though I find this hard to believe.)

Because mobile advertising is hard to sell, Vesterbacka reiterated at the summit that Rovio is not just a video game developer, but an entertainment company. So, expect plenty more from where the Angry Birds board game came from. But you have to wonder, shouldn't the cookbook revolve around pork and not their offspring?

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