One Place You Don't Want to Wear a Skirt to Work

skirt work A glass stairway located over a busy sidewalk was obviously designed by a man, but because that's a prominent feature of the new Franklin County Common Pleas Courthouse, a female Ohio judge has recommended that those working in or visiting the facility should either wear pants or take the elevator.

"If you wear dresses, you're on notice that you might want to take the elevator, as I will be doing," said Judge Julie Lynch.

The Columbus Dispatch noted that "openness and light" are central design components of the $105 million building, which opened Monday. The seven-story structure is covered by glass, and the long staircase in question reaches from the first floor to the second, with a series of thin concrete panels forming the steps. The vertical gaps between the steps are covered by transparent glass panels as well. It's supposed to give people using the stairs the impression of "floating on air."

But it also might give skirt-wearers the impression of being exposed. Security guards have been instructed to keep an eye out for people who might be lingering and peeping. Meanwhile, officials will consider making the glass opaque or perhaps taking other measures if the situation proves to be much of a problem.

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