Makiko Iwafuchi, Japanese Tourist, Gets Lost in Nepal for Two Weeks Eats Grass, Bamboo to Survive

Associated Press

Well this isn't something you hear every day: A Japanese woman, Makiko Iwafuchi, took a stroll outside her Nepal hotel and proceeded to get lost for two weeks, the Associated Press reports.

Iwafuchi, of Chiba, Japan, left her hotel on May 25 in Nepal's mountains roughly 50 miles north of Katmandu for what was meant to be a short stroll around Goshainkunda Lake. She left the main trail and could not find it again.

She told the AP on Friday that she walked for days roughly 1,600 feet from the trail, unable to find it or come in contact with anyone.

Meanwhile, local police and soldiers started a search for her on May 26.

She said she walked for days, subsisting on grass, drinking river water and taking shelter in small caves.

"The weather was not cold. It only drizzled a few days. I knew there were not dangerous animals in the area, so I was safe. I prayed if I survive I will change. I will be kind to people and more generous. There was a couple of times that I feared I will not survive, but I still believed that God will give me a second chance," she told reporters.

On Tuesday, she heard voices.

"I screamed, saying, 'Hello! Please help me!'" she told reporters on Friday. "It was a miracle. I felt at ease and thanked God."

From there she was taken to a local hospital where doctors treated her for blistered toes. She was otherwise in good health, amazingly.

Iwafuchi told reporters that she plans to continue trekking, but with company.

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