Celebrate Galaga's 30th birthday with Galaga 30th Collection for iOS

Galaga 30th Collection
Galaga 30th Collection

This July 23, the arcade classic Galaga turns the dreaded Three-O. Instead of pouting and slowly descending into a mid-life crisis, Galaga--with the help of its creator Namco Bandai--has made a comeback on iOS devices. The game celebrates all the bleeps, bloops and pixelated alien explosions across modernized versions of its first four iterations. The first of which, Galaxian G 30th Edition (technically the first Galaga), is a free download.

However, the other three games, Galaga G 30th Edition, Gaplus G 30th Edition, and Galaga '88 G 30th Edition, are included as in-app purchases. Players can buy each game individually for $2.99, $2.99 and $3.99 respectively. Though, you can buy all three for $7.99. Each game features modernized visuals with nearly identical play presented in a quasi-arcade cabinet with touch-controlled virtual joystick and fire buttons.

But going deeper than simply improved graphics, Namco included customizable ships and a Score Attack mode that allows players to post their highest scores to Twitter and Facebook. And, because this is 2011 and no game is complete without them it seems, Namco threw in achievements, too. The legendary publisher seems to be on a retro spree, as it recently released new versions of Pac-Man to Facebook. But alas, my days drag on without a new Q*Bert.

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