FarmVille: Giant Ice Cream Trees appear in tasty Mystery Seedlings

Giant Ice Cream Trees
Giant Ice Cream Trees

And thus, the Candy Land-inspired farm was complete. FarmVille Feed reports that Giant Ice Cream Trees have begun to appear in Mystery Seedlings. These scrumptious-looking sprouts were found just yesterday, and already players have seen News Feeds spreading the Neapolitan love around FarmVille. Of course, if you have your own Orchard, you'll more than likely find your own, and have the opportunity to serve some Ice Cream Trees to your friends.

The Giant Ice Cream Tree could easily be our favorite tree ... ever (fictional or not). It's roots and trunk are actually a branching waffle cone, while its leaves are of course replaced with heaping scoops of vanilla, chocolate and some other indiscernible flavors. Then, Zynga was kind enough to top it all off with hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles (jimmies?) and a cherry on top. Now, where's the nearest Dairy Queen?

[Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

Have you seen these brand new trees appear yet? Do these take the cake as the best tree in FarmVille ever? (Yes, that's a loaded question.) Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.