E3 2011: Pet Zombies combines Facebook pet sim with Angry Birds

By this point, most Facebook gamers are used to the concept of pet simulation titles - those games like Pet Society and PetVille that allow you to care for a pet of your own creation. Majesco is looking to capitalize on those games' success with the release of Pet Zombies on Nintendo's 3DS handheld console.

Pet Zombies calls itself a spoof on the pet sim genre, and allows you to actually harm your zombie, along with taking care of it. As your pet zombies are already dead, they can't "die" again, so you can torment them instead for your own amusement. Set them on fire and they'll jump shamble around the screen madly until the fire burns out (that's just one example). Zombies, like pets, do have their own special... dietary needs, and you'll need to feed and otherwise care for your zombie if you'd like their bodies to be maintained as long as possible (don't worry - the decay and graphics look more cartoon-inspired than graphic).While you can use toys to play with your zombies, you can also take your zombie and turn him into an air born object via the inclusion of an Angry Birds inspired mini-game called Zombie Launch. You can place your zombie inside a slingshot only to fling him into the air, where he'll run into and gather various bonus objects as he flies. As all things that go up must come back down, you'll luckily be able to extend each gameplay session via the simple fact that Zombies apparently bounce when hitting the land at a high speed. Adding to your own control of the mini-game, there's a magnet button that you can press to temporarily suck in all bonus objects around your zombie, increasing your score.

Other game features include the addition of other mini-games, the ability to move your zombies through various locations like a city street or rundown mall, zombie customization in terms of clothing and decay (among other options), customizable environments (with decorations), and a set of badges that reward you for completing certain tasks within the game.

Pet Zombies E3 2011
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E3 2011: Pet Zombies combines Facebook pet sim with Angry Birds

During my short time with Pet Zombies at this year's E3, I have to admit that the game looked like a bit of a mixed bag. The game seems like it would be perfect for the iOS or Facebook gaming platforms, but it will be interesting to see if Nintendo 3DS fans and owners will pay out up to $40 for the experience simply because it's in 3D. We'll find out when the game shambles to store shelves this September.

Do you own a Nintendo 3DS? Would you like to see other pet simulation games added to the platform, or do you prefer to see that sort of gameplay on mobile devices or even Facebook? Sound off in the comments.
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