E3 2011: Halfbrick's Machine Gun Jetpack sends Barry Steakfries to new heights

Next to Ninja Frenzy's Sensei, Barry Steakfries has become Halfbrick's unofficial official mascot, appearing in games like Monster Dash and Age of Zombies. Now, at this year's E3, we had a chance to hands-on with Barry's newest adventure - Machine Gun Jetpack.

Like Monster Dash, Machine Gun Jetpack is a "survival" game, asking you to continue towards the right side of the screen, earning points on a never-ending path until something eventually stops you (whether it be an actual enemy, a laser beam divider, etc.). Here, Barry is equipped with a jetpack, allowing you to tap on the screen and cause Barry to float into the air, shooting bullets as he flies. The longer you hold your finger on the screen, the higher Barry flies until you eventually reach the top of your particular screen, whether that be on the iPad or iPhone. It should be noted that the entirety of gameplay is accomplished via a single tapping motion on the screen, but don't for a second think that this makes Machine Gun Jetpack overly simplistic. Meet us behind the break to see what I mean.

There are multiple enemies and obstacles to avoid, like laser beams that either sit on the ground of float in mid-air or robots. As you play, you'll come across multiple power-ups like mech suits, vehicles and other goodies. These not only make you a stronger character in terms of the damage you can do to your opponents, but they also give you an extra "hit" before you die. That is, as in other games, Machine Gun Jetpack is essentially a "one hit and you're done" experience, but now, each gameplay session has a chance of becoming incredibly lengthy as you can simply keep finding vehicles and other power-ups that will require you to be hit twice instead.

Machine Gun Jetpack E3 2011
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E3 2011: Halfbrick's Machine Gun Jetpack sends Barry Steakfries to new heights

While you play you'll undoubtedly collect a treasure trove of coins, which can be used to buy new weapons and armor upgrades for poor Barry Steakfries. Plus, as you complete games, you'll be able to take advantage of the game's social integration, by posting your scores to Twitter or Facebook.

If you're interested in trying Machine Gun Jetpack yourself, look out for the app to cost $0.99 when it launches on iOS soon.

Have you tried any of Halfbrick's other games? Are you a fan of survival games in general, or do you like games with more predictability? Sound off in the comments.
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