Cooking Mama-maker Majesco buys Quick Hit for social games boost

Quick Hit Football
In the social games world, somebody is always buying somebody else. This rings true for Quick Hit, a Foxborough, Mass.-based online game company that had its team gobbled up by Edison, NJ-based Majesco Entertainment for $836 thousand, Mass High Tech reports. Majesco, the studio behind the recent Facebook rendition of Cooking Mama, said in a press release that it bought the Quick Hit team for its experience with micro-transactions in online games.

However, only the 12-strong team will join Majesco, not its recently-released Quick Hit Football (pictured), an online football simulator featuring all 32 NFL teams, thanks to a licensing agreement. The game puts players in the coach's shoes (and fancy Motorola headset, we hope), managing teams filled with real and fictional players to victory. Of course, the game relies heavily on micro-transactions like almost all Facebook games.

Quick Hit Football might be a Majesco game soon enough. Mass High Tech reports that Jeffery Anderson, Quick Hit founder and CEO and now head of Majesco's online and social games, is in talks with Majesco regarding the fate of the game. While the acquisition was small compared to Zynga-grade buyouts (which might be not be a fair comparison), Majesco doesn't appear any less serious about the social games scene. Cooking Mama on Facebook currently enjoys just above 500 thousand monthly players, according to AppData. But we'll see soon enough whether Quick Hit can give it--and Majesco's mysterious "products in development"--the shot in the arm it deserves.

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