CityVille: Zynga ups storage to 26 items, but only for certain players


Apparently, a fairly large set of issues has been put to rest in CityVille concerning the Warehouse and storage features. For users that had two Warehouses, that second Warehouse has now been removed from your town, as it was the culprit behind "multiple technical issues." Additionally, Zynga has granted two extra slots of storage to players who were affected.

Let's reiterate that once more - two additional storage slots will bring the total up to 26 spots of storage at maximum. Only if you were affected by these issues will you receive those bonuses, however. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be a requirement for how often you used your Warehouse before the glitch, as the most early of original Warehouses in the game will automatically receive the capacity boost as well.

Will two free spaces ultimately cause a riot with users in CityVille? With the fact that free space is such a commodity in the game, I'd have to say I wouldn't be surprised if this hurt Zynga more than it helped them in the end.

Was your CityVille town under the Warehouse glitch? Are you happy that Zynga has offered you additional storage because of it, or should the upgrade go to every person that plays the game instead? Sound off in the comments.