FrontierVille Oregon Trail becomes 'Pioneer Trail' after community vote

FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail
FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail

And that's the power of the law, kids. Zynga just announced on Facebook that it's first FrontierVille expansion, Oregon Trail, will now be known as "Pioneer Trail." The Learning Company, which created the classic adventure game of the same name (and helped with the new Facebook game) sans the "FrontierVille," smacked Zynga with a lawsuit over the use of the term. In response, the company decided to change the name to avoid legal consequences, and put the new title up to a vote by us, the players.

Now that the results are in, the company already drew up a new logo. Well, it changed the lettering, really, but it's new nonetheless. Zynga didn't announce a launch, but simply wrote, "FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail is coming to your homestead soon! Get ready for a new grand adventure for you and your friends!" At this point, the expansion can't be too far away, so keep your eyes glued right here for when the big day arrives.

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