CityVille: Earn a free gift with City Cash purchase


If you've been holding on to some Facebook Credits, you can now put them to use in CityVille to receive an extra bonus for doing so. You'll see that this new promotion offers three different packages: a $5 package, a $20 package, and a $50 package.

Depending on the package you purchase, you'll receive a different bonus. Here's the full rundown:

$5 - 40 City Cash and a Zen Garden (18% bonus payout)
$20 - 179 City Cash and a Family Den residence (50-80 population and 145 coins in rent)
$50 - 465 City Cash and a Modular Modern residence (90-170 population and 150 coins in rent)

This promotion is being slowly rolled out to users, and you must be level six or higher to claim one of these deals.

Will you purchase a City Cash deal for one of these exclusive items? Let us know in the comments.