Building the CityVille Bridge: Everything you need to know

Platform Bridge
Finally the time has come for CityVille's first expansion ... across the river. Zynga finally released a new building of sorts to the game today, the Bridge. (However, what we all hoped was going to be a trip to the beach turns out to be just more green space to expand on.) Once you've reached 5 thousand population or higher, you will receive a new Goal upon entering the game titled "Over the River." And it has just one requirement: Place Bridge. It gets even better: if you've yet to expand to to the edge of the river, placing the Bridge will expand your city to that point for free. And yes, it gets even better than that, as you'll receive a free expansion once you reach the other side of the river, too. However, you're gonna' have to work for it.
Over the River
Once you receive the new Goal, just click on the "Place" button and you'll be whisked into placement mode. Plop that Bridge on the designated area, give it a click and take a gander at all the materials you'll need to build this marvel of civil engineering.

Start your Platform Bridge
At this point, the Platform Bridge becomes just like any other community building, requiring you to ask your friends for several new materials. In total, there are 75 items you will need, but luckily you can put them on your Wish List, which increases the chance of those items to appear in Mystery Boxes as well. Some of the parts are on the Free Gifts page as well, so you could try sending them in hope of your friends returning the favor.

CityVille Bridge
Once you gather all 75 materials is when you'll begin clicking on the Bridge to build it. Every click will likely cost Energy and certainly reward you with XP. Then, it's time to expand even further, though you can't expand to the beach like we guessed before. It's no English Countryside or Pioneer Trail, but at least it's another place to put our stuff.

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