E3 2011: Walking Dead game gets a Facebook tie-in

walking dead facebook game
walking dead facebook game

A few months ago, we learned that The Walking Dead, a hit TV series on AMC as well as a comic book series with a serious cult following, is getting the game treatment. Sam & Max creator Telltale Games is turning the popular franchise into an episodic game series that -- instead of rehashing the comics and TV show -- tells the story about a criminal named Lee Everett who escapes police custody due to zombie attack and then unites with a 7 year-old named Clementine, and the pair then attempts to battle their way out of Atlanta.

In addition to this main game, Telltale will apparently be releasing a separate Walking Dead social game on Facebook that will be linked with the main game in some form or fashion. No details yet on what this Facebook tie-in will look like, but fingers crossed that it's more than a poorly executed adver-game designed to upsell its bigger sibling. Yeah, yeah -- hope springs eternal.

The main Walking Dead game is expected to rear its head at the end of 2011, and I suspect that the Facebook game tie-in won't be too far behind.

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