Upgrading the CityVille Wedding Hall: Everything you need to know

CityVille Wedding Hall Upgrade
"You know, that Wedding Hall isn't big enough," the Zynga team agreed upon during a CityVille meeting. "Let's make into a wedding multiplex!" And thus, the Wedding Hall upgrades in CityVille were born. The steps for upgrading the Wedding Hall into a Wedding Skyscraper aren't much different from previous upgrades to CityVille community buildings like the Emergency Clinic and the Bank. However, Boosting your Wedding Hall to Level 3 will give it a new look, increase its Energy drops from collection and give it a chance to drop Sunglasses upon collection. (Isn't a church enough for you people?)

CityVille Wedding Hall Upgrade window

Wedding Hall readyBefore we get into what's required, here are some pointers on the new Wedding Hall. You are allowed more than one Wedding Hall in your city, though you can only upgrade one Wedding Hall at a time. Also, if you delete a Wedding Hall, that will restart the upgrade process should you ever want to get back into the matrimony business.

Once you reach 700 or more population in your city, you'll have the option to upgrade your Wedding Hall to Level 2. Just click on the ready Wedding Hall (as pictured) and select the relevant option.

Wedding Hall Level 2 (700 Population)

  • Provides 200 Population
  • More Energy when collecting
  • Chance for Sunglasses when collecting

Once you do that, the above window will appear, requiring you to add six new crew members to your existing crew in the Wedding Hall. To bring in new friends, just click on the green "Hire Friends" button and you'll be whisked away to the familiar friend request screen. (Of course, you can always shell out City Cash.) Boosting the Wedding Hall to Level 2 gives you an extra 200 Population, increase the Energy you receive when collecting and adds a chance for Sunglasses to drop when you collect.

Wedding Hall Level 3Wedding Hall Level 3 (2,250 Population)

  • Provides 520 Population
  • Even more Energy when collecting
  • Higher chance for Sunglasses when collecting

Upgrading the Wedding Hall to Level 3 is more of the same, though you won't be able to get that wedding multiplex until you reach 2,250 or more Population. Again, click the building to make the same window appear, but this time you'll need to recruit eight more friends. So, now it's time to say, "I do ... want to upgrade the Wedding Hall."

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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