Krzysztof Grzegorz and Jouoastaw K, Polish Contortionists, Steal From Travelers' Luggage

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Here's a new one: A Polish contortionist and his accomplice were arrested in Spain on Friday for stealing valuable items from travelers' checked luggage after gaining entry to the cargo of an airport transit bus by hiding himself in a small suitcase.

Krzysztof Grzegorz and Jouoastaw K were arrested after a bus company employee noticed a man struggling to retrieve his heavy luggage from the Girona Airport to Barcelona bus. When officers checked the case, they noticed it was warm and opened it only to discover a very sweaty 5'8" thief holding a laptop and a GPS device that didn't belong to him.

The contortionist was using a head lamp to root through the bus's cargo hold while his partner rode in relative luxury above.

A Catalan police spokesperson told the press: "I believe this is what the British call an open and shut case."

It is tempting to think that Grzegorz and K were taking revenge on behalf of the contortionist community for the theft of this knotted-up street performer's boombox, but all we know so far is that this story will go down in the annals of uncomfortable people stealing stuff, joining such ripping yarns as the Australian coin shop slipper, the Japanese identity thief, and Ocean's Eleven.

Still, these enterprising thieves shouldn't get too much credit. Getting into a big suitcase really isn't that difficult. Marketers can do it. Ikea customers can do it. Bored teenagers seem especially good at it.

Police are still investigating to see what else the dastardly Polish villains may have previously stolen from the bus. Victims come forward!

El Periodico, the Catalan newspaper that first reported on the unusual case, posted a tremendous diagram on its site that is worth seeing even if you can't read Spanish.

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