FrontierVille Poker Table Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with the release of the Poker Table in the Saloon in FrontierVille (you'll be able to upgrade when your Saloon looks as pictured with an arrow) this evening comes the launch of three new themed goals. The first is called Lend Hank a Hand, and it sees you performing three relatively simple tasks:

Collect one Saloon Daily Bonus
Mix one Concoction
Have 1 Fancy Clothing

Fancy Clothing are crafted in the General Store using Clothes that are crafted in the Cabin. The Concoction can be any of those currently available to craft inside the Saloon, so just pick the one that's easiest to complete (that is, if you have all of the ingredients for a particular concoction, pick it first), and then collect the building's Daily Bonus to finish this one off. You'll receive 250 coins, 250 XP and one Granny's No.5 for completing this first goal.

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Goal number two is Raising the Stakes! and it increases the difficulty a bit, but still isn't anything too overly outrageous.

Visit 5 Neighbors
Tend 20 Peppermint
Collect 10 Markers

It doesn't say you actually have to harvest Peppermint, so you should be able to buy new if you don't have that many on hand. Meanwhile, you'll need to ask your friends to send you the Markers. Finishing this second goal gives you 250 coins, 250 XP and 5 Poker Cards. Remember, you can use these cards to create hands inside the Saloon's Poker Table for prizes like concoctions or even Horseshoes (if you're lucky and draw a good hand).

Finally, the third of these three goals is called Ante Up! and it will do what you'd expect - requiring you to use those newly received Poker Cards, and even lay a bit of your own money on the line for a bet.

Play 1 Poker Hand
Have 10,000 coins
Collect 10 Gamblin' Cases

Again, Gamblin' Cases must be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Poker Hand can be played using those five Poker Cards you just received. And yes, even if you don't have what would normally be a winning hand in poker (that is, a pair or better), you'll still be able to turn a "No Hand" in for 250 XP and 500 coins. In finishing this final goal, you will lose your 10,000 coins, but you'll also receive 250 coins, 250 XP and will unlock the Loyal Pioneer Drink to craft inside the Saloon. This drink allows you to complete ten different actions on a neighbors' Homestead, which will come in extremely handy when being forced to tend Horses or another rare animal for future goals.

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What do you think of these Poker Table goals? Are you sad to see that this isn't a longer goal series? Let us know in the comments.
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