FrontierVille Poker Table Goals: Everything you need to know


Along with the release of the Poker Table in the Saloon in FrontierVille (you'll be able to upgrade when your Saloon looks as pictured with an arrow) this evening comes the launch of three new themed goals. The first is called Lend Hank a Hand, and it sees you performing three relatively simple tasks:

Collect one Saloon Daily Bonus
Mix one Concoction
Have 1 Fancy Clothing

Fancy Clothing are crafted in the General Store using Clothes that are crafted in the Cabin. The Concoction can be any of those currently available to craft inside the Saloon, so just pick the one that's easiest to complete (that is, if you have all of the ingredients for a particular concoction, pick it first), and then collect the building's Daily Bonus to finish this one off. You'll receive 250 coins, 250 XP and one Granny's No.5 for completing this first goal.

Meet us behind the break to see what's next.