FrontierVille Poker Badges reward you with more cards to keep playing


In what turns out to be a pretty appropriate cycle of gameplay, Frontierville's newest Poker Badges will reward you with extra playing cards for playing other cards on the Saloon's new Poker Table. To be specific, each time you play a hand of cards on the Poker Table (that is, each time you play five cards), you'll earn a point towards these four new Badges. Once you reach each milestone, you'll receive a bulk amount of cards as a reward, helping you continue the cycle of earning points for playing hands.

Here's the rundown of the four available Badges:

Poker Pioneer - Play 1 hand - Reward: 2 Cards, 250 XP
Poker Practitioner - Play 10 hands - Reward: 5 Cards, 500 XP
Poker Pro - Play 50 hands - Reward: 10 Cards, 1,000 XP
Poker Phenomenon - Play 100 hands - Reward: 25 Cards, 2,500 XP

As you can see, the higher Badges also reward you with some pretty killer experience point bundles, so they're worth earning even for those bonuses. The 2,500 XP could very well be enough to push you up another level, so won't it be satisfying to finally earn it? Just keep plugging away, collecting your Saloon's Daily Bonus to earn cards, and you'll eventually get there - I'd be willing to gamble on that.

What do you think of the rewards for these Poker Table Badges in FrontierVille? Will you become a card shark just to earn them? Let us know in the comments.

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