Crazy Interview Blunders -- That Happen All the Time

Interview Blunders What are the most common interview mistakes? No. 1 is dressing inappropriately, according to a recent survey of hiring managers. A full three-quarters of those surveyed said that candidates "frequently harmed their chances at interview [success]" by dressing poorly. Lack of preparation and an arrogant attitude also were mentioned as common failures, but not as frequently.

You'd think people would know better, but the survey, conducted by office design company Maris Interiors, found that a surprising amount of interview behavior could be classified as universally inappropriate. For example, 13 percent of managers said that they had experienced an interviewee either answering a phone call or replying to a text message; and 5 percent said that they had suspected a candidate of being drunk.

Some of the more surprising, and more extreme mistakes made during interviews included:

  • One candidate showed off his scar.
  • Another repeatedly called the interviewer 'Mum.'
  • One filed her fingernails throughout the interview.
  • A manager recruiting for a Social Media Strategist was surprised when a candidate announced that he was live-tweeting the interview. He thought that he was proving how socially savvy he could be, but he didn't get the job.

Maris Interiors Chairman Michael Howard said, "I always advise interview candidates to prepare hard, and wear a dark suit, white shirt and plain tie. (Where conservative office attire is appropriate). It had never really occurred to me to advise people not to send text messages or show their scars!"

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