Ubisoft readies Just Dance 3, YourShape, et al this year, gets hitched with casual crowd

Just Dance 3
But, you know, it's just casual. Ubisoft announced several casual-centric games at this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles including the third Just Dance game (pictured) set to release this Oct. 11. According to VentureBeat, the game will appear on all three major consoles in direct competition with Harmonix's own wildly popular Dance Central series for Xbox 360 with Kinect. The French publisher will also release its answer to Nintendo's Wii Fit and games like EA Sports Active, YouShape. While there are little details on the game, but Ubisoft said players will track their fitness stats through a number of exercises come this November.

Ubisoft is still chasing the recently ho-hum music game craze with Rocksmith, which will allow players to play a real guitar in place of a standard plastic axe with colored buttons. According to VentureBeat, it sounds quite a lot like Rock Band 3 by Harmonix, which features similar functionality. At any rate, the game will be available this October.

Rounding out the list is yet another Rayman Raving Rabbids game, subtitled Alive and Kicking. It will support full motion control through Xbox 360 with Kinect in several goofy mini games like drawing food, plunger guns and whack-a-mole. Unfortunately, no release date has been announced, so don't tell the kids about this one just yet. If Ubisoft wasn't working on a new Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and more, we'd have to say that it fell for the casual crowd hook, line and sinker. But, again, this is just a casual thing.

[Image Credit: Ubisoft]

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