Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart et al popping out of Nintendo 3DS this year

Super Mario 3d
Super Mario will finally soon make your Nintendo 3DS pop. Sure, the 3DS released this past March, but now's the time to get those games out. Nintendo announced several upcoming games for its new 3DS handheld console at its E3 keynote address in Los Angeles including the first original, 3D (in both regards) Mario game aptly titled Super Mario 3D. The company gave an extremely vague release window of "before this year is over," which more than likely means a holiday release.

In addition to jumping out your stereoscopic 3D screen, Mario will drive, glide and swim out of it in Mario Kart 3D, which Nintendo announced will land this fall. Judging from the trailer played during the keynote, players will customize their own karts, drive underwater and glide in the air across all new and re-purposed tracks. The original Starfox 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time have also been reiterated in 3D with new modes and enhanced graphics. The former will soar this September, while the latter will plunge into 3DS next week, June 16.

Pokemon fans will love the free Pokedex 3D, which will be available on the 3DS eShop within a few days. The mini game will use the handheld's augmented reality capabilities to display every Pokemon including 16 new ones, and share Pokemon with friends through its StreetPass and SpotPass functions. The Nintendo 3DS, combined with the Wii U, are looking to spearhead the idea of "games for everyone" and be number one in nearly all markets. But there's always those dastardly Facebook games.

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