Prom Again, This Time Without Curfews

Prom again
Prom again

When AmberDawn McCall got her invitation to the prom in Tri-Cities, Washington, she jumped at the opportunity. "A chance to dress up and go out dancing with my husband? Sign me up!" she told WalletPop.

Yes, you read that right. McCall has a husband -- and six children -- and is part of a growing trend of people who are happy, well-adjusted adults with prom memories that don't have to be dusted off.

The Washington event, a benefit for a non-profit that provides practical services to breast cancer survivors, was almost as well-attended as a local high school prom, with about 100 attendees.

"I think everybody had a great time," says McCall (pictured at right with her husband). Except for maybe those she pegged as having been the high school cool kids: "They were spending too much energy trying to look cool."