Now Hiring: Siemens Needs 3,000+

Siemens hiring Siemens is looking to hire more than 3,000 workers over the next several months, and many of their ideal candidates are experienced, recent college grads. The international electronics and engineering company also is launching internship programs aimed at producing qualified workers who can be fast-tracked into leadership positions.

"Siemens has more than 3,000 open positions in the U.S., half of them engineering positions, and we will be hiring an additional 35 recruiters this year to find qualified candidates to fill them," said Eric Spiegel, president and CEO of Siemens Corp. "While we continue to invest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives at the high school and university levels, we also are launching a new recruiting effort this summer focused on attracting and developing college graduates and fast-tracking them into early leadership development programs in these fields."

At the end of a 12-week summer program this year, for example, Siemens will offer full-time positions to 75 of their 170 interns, 70 percent of whom will work in engineering positions. Other summer interns will be offered jobs in finance, operations and supply chain management.

They say they're focused on specific qualities from millennial (those born after 1977) hires: "When looking to hire young talent, we look for candidates who take initiative, recognize when additional data or research is necessary, and take it upon themselves to find it," said Mike Panigel, senior vice president of the company's human resources department.

To find out more about Siemens internships, scholarships and training programs in the U.S., visit the company's website.

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