Nintendo announces Wii U home console, coming in 2012 [Updated]

Wii U
Wii U

This just might change things. Nintendo announced during its E3 2011 keynote address that its Project Cafe is known as the Wii U, a successor to the original Wii headed to stores in 2012. The console features a 6.2-inch touch pad controller that can stream game content between itself and the console, play games on its own, offer video chat and more.

The Wii U will be backwards-compatible with the original Wii games and controllers, and the company displayed multiplayer scenarios where players would use both the Wii remote and Wii U touch pad.Pricing and an exact release date have not been provided, but Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said during his address that the Wii U was not designed to be a portable console to replace the Nintendo 3DS.

The system looks to appeal to fans of Nintendo and touchscreen gaming from devices like the iPhone and iPad, but several hardcore-skewed games have been announced as well from franchises like Assassin's Creed, Ninja Gaiden, Ghost Recon, Tekken and more. In other words, the Nintendo Wii U is looking to be a game console not just for casual players, but for everyone. E3 is still young, and more details (like more about the actual console) from Nintendo are sure to come, so stay tuned.

[Image Credit: Reuters]

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