FrontierVille Poker Table: Everything you need to know

Will you check and hope for the best, or bluff your hand to catch unsuspecting prey? If you've ever played Poker, these are questions that will run through your mind, and now, they can in FrontierVille as well via the addition of a Poker Table to the Saloon. The Poker Table will be added to your Saloon after you upgrade the building. After that point, you'll be introduced to the idea of card collecting.

No, this isn't card counting, it's card collecting. You'll be able to collect Poker Cards from collecting the Saloon's Daily Bonus and can then turn those cards in matching different poker hands and receiving various prizes based on the value of the hand you turned in. But first, you'll need to build the Poker Table, which requires you to collect the six items we'll reveal behind the break.

The six necessary Poker Table building ingredients are 10 each of I.O.U.s, Green Felts and Dealing Boxes, along with 15 each of Red Chips, White Chips and Blue Chips.

Once you finish building the Poker Table, you can either purchase card packs or hope to receive cards via the Saloon's Daily Bonus, as we mentioned before. From there, it's a matter of luck (and patience) before you can actually turn in a hand. The different hands are seen below, along with the prizes. You can win everything from concoctions (like a new option that allows you to do ten tends per neighbor for a limited time) to Horseshoes - 500 Horseshoes for a Royal Flush, as a matter of fact.

All told, this seems like an interesting new feature, but I wouldn't gamble too much on your receiving any great prizes anytime soon.

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