FarmVille Sneak Peek: Celebrate FarmVille's birthday with the Birthday Cake Crop


To help celebrate FarmVille's upcoming second birthday, Zynga will be releasing a new crop in the game in form the of the Birthday Cake. This Birthday Cake winds up being quite a large, layered and decorated cake, so each layer is added in the stages of the crop's growth - how cute!

We know this crop will offer bushels, which also leaves us to wonder if a themed set of recipes will be released for each of the Crafting buildings to give us extra incentive to actually grow them - like we needed any. Even if these crafting recipes don't exist, the simple (assumed) fact that the cake will only be available to grow (and therefore master) for a limited amount of time is more than enough reason for me to stop whatever I'm doing and plant them as soon as possible. Who's with me?!

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Will you stop your normal farming activities to plant the Birthday Cake crop when/if it's officially released? Let us know in the comments.