FarmVille: Giant Gorse Tree now 5 Farm Cash, pick one up on the cheap

If you're like many FarmVille players, you may scoff at the very idea of purchasing a tree in the game for 10 Farm Cash. While that may be expensive, normally we either have to suck it up and pay the high toll or simply hope to get lucky via finding a tree (where applicable) as a Mystery Seedling. What if I told you, though, that a recently released tree is now available for half price?

That's right. The Giant Gorse Tree, which was released just last evening, has been reduced in price from 10 Farm Cash to 5 Farm Cash. This is only fair, as both of the Giant trees released last night cost 10 Farm Cash - a rare thing in FarmVille updates. There's no mention here of whether or not this limited price is only available for a limited time, but since Zynga changed it with such little fanfare, I'd expect that it's here to stay.

Either way, it's exciting to see Zynga lower the prices of items when they were clearly overpriced, so we'll make sure to let you know of any other items Zynga pulls the same silent discount treatment with in the future.

Had you already purchased a Giant Gorse Tree for 10 Farm Cash? Should users who did receive a refund because the price was lowered so soon after its release? Sound off in the comments.
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