Facebook Credits and Apple iTunes buddy up for cross-platform purchasing


If you're a huge fan of a particular game, you might try to play that game on every console on which its available. In this growing era of free-to-play games, that's normally not a big deal, as you won't really pay anything for any of your experiences. Of course, that's all depending on the game's availability, but if you happen to purchase something in a Facebook game and then want to access those points or items in an iOS version of the game, as an example, you simply couldn't, because iOS wouldn't accept that purchase as being valid in that version of the game.

That looks to be ready to change though, according to Ubisoft's VP of Digital Publishing Chris Early. All Things Digital has reported that Facebook and Apple have agreed to honor currency purchased on each other's platforms for the same game. According to Early, the first game that will receive this ability is Ubisoft's own Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Under this agreement, if you happen to purchase any premium currency in Ghost Recon on Facebook, you'll then be able to access those same points back on iOS.

While Ghost Recon from Ubisoft is one thing, it will be great to see if other developers end up adopting the same policy and we'll make sure to let you know if they do.

What do you think of this new announcement? Would you be more likely to purchase Facebook Credits if you knew those credits could be used in both Facebook and iOS versions of games? Sound off in the comments.