E3 2011: Yoostar Playground puts you in the movies on Facebook


If you're a console gamer, you might have heard of a little game called Yoostar 2: In the Movies for Xbox 360 and PS3. The game's name is a play on "you star" and it does just that - makes you the star in 80 scenes taken straight from some of the most iconic or popular TV shows and movies. Whether using the Xbox 360 Kinect or the PlayStation Eye, the object of the game is to view and then reenact these scenes, quoting a particular character's lines, and then being judges on your performance based on how well you recited the lines, and how you copied the character's body position while playing.

While this might be fun enough in parties or other social settings (like right here at E3 2011), the real fun can begin when you take your experience online to the Yoostar Playground. The Yoostar Playground is a Facebook application that serves as a social utility of sorts, allowing you to do all things from simply upload your favorite acting clips (that is, those of you performing) to Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, but also edit those clips into full movies or just something more entertaining for your friends to watch.